What should I eat first? Can you control yourself after grocery shopping?

@vivasuzi (4125)
United States
January 9, 2009 11:53am CST
We tend not to go shopping until our fridge is on the brink of death - in other words - we wait until it so empty we literally don't have anything to eat. The main reason is to make sure we actually eat the food we've bought before it gets old. We are more likely to let food get old if we constantly fill the fridge each week. But then this happens. After grocery shopping, suddenly I get home and I want to eat everything! I say what I'm going to have for dinner and dessert, but often times I'm craving everything else as well! I've learned to control myself- the goodies will still be there tomorrow and I can eat them then. I think I'm always concerned that food will spoil because I'll forget about it, which is part of the reason we started the above plan and don't shop as often anymore. Do you have this trouble when grocery shopping? Even if everything you bought is healthy, you still don't want to eat it all in one day. How do you control yourself? Do you schedule out when you will eat certain things? Sometimes I sit there after grocery shopping and have a mental list of what I'm going to eat for the next week because I'm so excited about some of the things we found :)
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@Pitgull (1523)
• United States
9 Jan 09
Wow...I am not the only one! It does not matter what we bring home, I am always amazed by all the stuff we have found lol... There is something about knowing you have food to eat, and the ability to eat when you want, after finally getting to the store... We usually go to the store when the fridge is bone dry...same deal! Even if it is healthy. I will look at that brocolli and it turns into brocolli cheese soup! We plan out our meals, while writing the grocery list, so I think that helps. But sometimes we change it up after we found something else, or realize we have all the ingredients for something else. My boyfriend loves changing it up in the kitchen lol..
@vivasuzi (4125)
• United States
11 Jan 09
I think that is it - knowing there is food to eat all of a sudden makes me want to eat everything :) Often I'm craving 10 different things when we head to the store (things we haven't had since the fridge has been empty) so when I get home I can't decide which craving to fullfill first :) I sometimes do a grocery list, but a lot of times the list is like "eggs, bread, milk" and not enough to go on :) So we do the walking down all the isles thing and we usually can keep from buying too much unhealthy stuff. But even the healthy stuff I want to eat soon as I get home :) Only time my list is any longer is if I have a recipe I want to try. We don't make recipes much so we usually don't have most the ingredients we would need. But we do love to try new products, especially new ready-made dinner ideas!
• Malaysia
20 Jan 12
Dear Vivasuzi There is a saying 'Don't let the tail wag the dog' It appears that you are encouraging this behavior. The honest truth is you must eat something even before you go shopping for grocery. By so doing, you are not attracted to junk food. Also go to supermarkets with a shopping list. This would not only save you money but also you can buy the healthy food you want. Yes, why don't you try this. Your problem may be over. Hope that this tip can help you a long way. Thanks! Love: Bro. Joe. GBU