Why are there so many scandalous, lying, scheming, cheating people online?

@sharone74 (4839)
United States
January 9, 2009 6:26pm CST
I am a member of a number of GPT sites and I have found so many scam sites and sites that report on the paying and non-paying GPT sites that they have come accross. It is a common story online that a site opens up and gets its first few hundered users who through their efforts help the site to get paid lots of money in advertising dollars and they pay their members for the first coupld of cycles and then all of the sudden the payments dry up and members who have been promoting the site and getting paid up until now no longer receive their cash in requests as usual. The site continues taking in members and advertisers but no one gets paid but the site owners. I have also noted that a lot of sites when they give you your referral banner the trackback username is not inserted automatically, the user has to insert their user id individually. Well if you miss this fact or you simply cannot read HTML (most people cannot) then everyone that you do refer to the site gets sent to the generic sign up page rather than one branded for you. The result the site gets hundreds if not thousands af free referrals who were actually referred to the site through the efforts of someone who expects to have their referrals placed in their downlines to help them earn. This is not an oversite, this is intentional which is one of the reasons that such sites sell or rent out packages of referrals. They are stealing from the members who referred the person and then making money on selling them to other people. Everywhere you look online there is some lying, weasle who is looking to take people for a bundle on a large scale. And these people seem to have no concience. As soon as they become known for the scam that they are they close down the site, tweak the script and hang out another shingle online to scoop up the loose members that they just took already, who are looking for a new GPT opportunity to join. Do you have a scam site that promised to pay you and then didn't? Or went to meet someone who wasn't who they said that they were? I wanna hear about it. Or if you just have an answer to the origional question which is the title of this post?
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