Your blood can test positive for drugs if you eat 2 to 4 poppy seed bagels!!!

United States
@mentalward (14716)
January 10, 2009 4:58am CST
Were you aware of that? For those people who love their poppyseed-topped muffins or bagels, you can test positive for illegal drugs! Depending on your weight, 2 to 4 poppyseed bagels or muffins can cause you to have a positive drug test! There was an episode on the TV sitcom 'Seinfeld' where Elaine, I believe, was tested for drugs at her job. She had just recently eaten 2 poppyseed-topped bagels. Because of this show, I HAD to do my own research. Yep, it's true! I'm wondering now how many people have been turned down for a job because they had to take a pre-employment drug test or how many have been fired from their jobs due to their blood showing positive for drugs after a random drug screening, simply because they love their poppyseed bagels or muffins?!? These poppy seeds that produce opium (Papaver somniferum) are legal to grow, sell, trade, everything BUT manipulate in any way to obtain the opium. They are absolutely gorgeous flowers and the seeds are very yummy when used in some food processing. You can grow these flowers and let them go to seed, harvest the seed and cook with them or sell them to bakeries. The dried seed pods (where the opium is naturally grown) are sold to florists for dried flower arrangements once the seeds have been removed. I have a bunch of these seeds because I think the poppy flower is one of the most beautiful flowers around and I love gardening. Because deer, geese and other wildlife seem to LOVE to eat my plants, I'm thinking I might plant these seeds around the border of my property. If the wildlife eat them, they may just be so high from the opium that they'll leave my fruit trees, berry bushes and vegetable garden alone! Did you know this about poppy seeds? Would you make an effort to remember to NOT eat any food cooked with poppy seeds if you were looking for employment or worked at a place that did random drug tests? Will you be looking at those poppyseed bagels and muffins differently now?