are you feeling STRESS WITH YOUR FAMILY?

January 10, 2009 7:21am CST
many of the families feel the stres in their life, mainly who are doing jobs will feel the taste of stress. iam a student. my father knows the stress in studying me higher education. all will find a good solution for this, then only family will run in a cool manner. what do you think friends?
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
3 Oct 10
Most time, its my work..with ontime deliveries and work loads. I try to divert mind on music and i feel better.
@relkide (39)
• India
12 Jan 09
Stress need not necessarily be on working people only. A housewife can also be stressed by compromising with the demands of her family members.
• Philippines
10 Jan 09
in my case, studying in the premier institution of higher learning in the philippines, the UP, is indeed very stressful (lots of pressure). But i really thank God for giving me a very supportive and loving family. My family is my comfort zone, my stress reliever.
@cambiste (1245)
• India
10 Jan 09
I think you're an Indian. In India, studying is the most important thing for a child. If he/she doesnt ahve qualifications and good grades in their studies, they cannot apply for a good job. I agree that a family that knows what is best for their children, will send them for higher education. Jobs are decreasing, especiallly in recent years. And if you're not educated in using a computer or programming, its difficult to get by in a city. Good luck and happy mylotting.