What do you think about Joel Osteen? Have you read any of his books?

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January 10, 2009 9:38pm CST
Do you think he is a qualified preacher since he never went to seminary? Do you think he should quote scripture more? My husband and I absolutely love Joel. We love his sermons and have just read "Become a Better You" that he wrote. He is always smiling and seems like a kind soul. Whenever we need motivating or a pick me up, listening to him preach always helps lift our spirits and brings us closer to God. Some conservative Christians say he is a "feel good" preacher and doesn't preach God's word the way he should. Our church and pastor are very similar to Joel's, in that they apply God to everyday life. In my opinion, his preaching style is a breath of fresh air compared to the stoic preachers of my childhood. He presents God as an entity that wants the best for us and as a kind and loving God instead of filling us with images of a God to be fearful of. Even though he didn't go to seminary, he did grow up the son of a preacher and had lifelong learning of the Bible and Christ. Joel does refer to scripture, but I do think it is up to us as Christians to reference the scripture and delve deeper into it in the Bible if we so choose.
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@murderistic (2280)
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19 Jan 09
Honestly, I haven't read much of Osteen's books or heard much of his sermons, for the simple fact that I don't believe in superchurches and I don't believe in treating someone who is not a prophet as such. I also don't believe in putting money into people's pockets who are already filthy rich. I would rather give my money to help the poor. From what I know of Osteen he is only concerned with making money and making people feel good about themselves. If that's what religion is about to you... than keep feeding into it. Not saying that Joel is a liar. But he is completely missing out on Christ's true message, which is to favor the poor, the hungry, the sick, the elderly, and those marginalized from society. To strive for peace and justice. Joel simply ignores these issues and sugarcoats the Bible so people will continue giving him money instead of giving it to places like Mennonite Central Committee and Compassion International and Hope International and countless other Christian organizations that are out there providing relief assistance, development projects, and peacebuilding in the name of Christ.
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16 Jan 09
hey, i have two books that joel osteen write, they are very interesting and motivating. The two books are "become a better you and your best life now. I love him and i love is books. I think he is doing a wounderful job with is cermons and is books. i agree with u.