Do you have a lot of friends

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January 11, 2009 7:17pm CST
I was just wondering if any one out there have a lot of friends? And what kind of things do you do? I have lived in the same town for about 15 years and really only have 2 friends. But I don't never hear from them, unless they what me to do something for them. They never come over to visit, It's been about 2 months sence eather one has been here. It is a lonly feeling when you realize you just don't have friends. And the closes thing to having someone to talk to is your dog.. So does anyone else feel that there life is based around 4 walls or do you really live life and have fun with friends?
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12 Jan 09
Not really i do have new friends and they r really nice. Im not good at really getting friends or keeping them. I guess just some of them only want u to get to where they are going and then you become a piece of crap to them. Its just common sense to know when people want to be true friends ir friends to get what they want. But i guess i ran out of common sense lol.
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12 Jan 09
I guess that is why I stay alone all the time. I get more conversation from people on mylot then anywhere else. Thanks for responding.
• Australia
13 Jan 09
At one time I had a lot of friends but I guess we lost touch or outgrew each other and only have a few friends left now. We usually get together a few times a month for lunch, partyplan of some sort anything so we can have a catch up.If it's a small town you live in it can take longer then 15 years to be excepted ,there must be same way for you to meet people Neighbourhood Centres they have friendship groups. Country Womens Association do wonderful things for the community a book club or even start your own club . Even going for a walk would blow the cobwebs aways and yes my life has been based on 4 walls and work ,it get depressing and a rut thats hard to climb out of so remember no man is an island do it for you.
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12 Jan 09
They can't be very good friends if they only call you when they want something from you. I hope you find better friends soon. I don't have many friends and most times I like it that way. Because of my depression I lack motivation to do many things and I isolate a lot as a result. Mija (my cat) is like my soulmate. I know that sounds funny to say, but, she really is such a great companion and does so much for my heart and soul. I hontestly prefer her to people. I'm sure you've heard this saying: "The more I know other people the more I love my cat." In your case it would be your dog. That is so true most of the time. Have a great day, tonnie! Purrs, Catwoman=^..^= & Mija