Who loves more Mother or Father?

January 11, 2009 11:16pm CST
hello friends.. just think and share your experinces on who loves more to his child The Mother Or The Father. I thought both loves us but mother can able to show easly anf father hide his love in his heart but he loves too what's your opinion.. thanks
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@fcedulan (14)
• Philippines
12 Jan 09
Case to case basis! Generally, both the parents really love the child. It just that a mother is very emotional and cannot hide the feelings and actions. Of course!! I took care my baby for 9 months with all the good and bad moments.. Gush!! I really a blessing!! Cheers to all Mom!!
• India
12 Jan 09
yes...we must respect to all mothers..
@Raven7317 (693)
• United States
12 Jan 09
I don't think one or the other loves more, but I think they both love differently. In my house, mommy is everything. I'm a SAHM, so my son is my job, my world, my one and most important responsibility. So I love him by playing cars with him, coloring with him, taking him outside to play, kissing the boo-boo's, making sure the freezer is stocked with only the blue pops, never forgetting the "bubble" in bubblebath, chasing the monsters away at 2 AM... His Daddy loves him by supporting us all, securing a future for us. Keeping the house warm, the fridge full, the cars in running order. He loves us so much that this one person does what normally two would do. Daddy shows love when he can by teaching his son how to cast a fishing rod, showing him how to pedal a two-wheeler, showing him that bugs aren't anything to be afraid of and by sharing Sunday Football games.