January 13, 2009 11:04am CST
How much identifiable parts of a cow/sheep/dog do you think are in a McDonalds "beef"burger?... There is a rumour that they own a company which supply them their meat, called "pure beef" and hence they can say that their burgers contain 100% pure beef, what are your thoughts on this and the fasst food giant as a whole?
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@Wizzywig (7859)
31 Jan 09
I was as cynical as you until I found a metal tag with the name 'Daisy' engraved on it in my burger which seemed to prove that it had in fact derived from a bovine creature. Oh wait, no, that was probably in an alternative reality because I wouldn't touch burgers with a cattle prod. I suppose the fact thet they still do a good trade shows that people aren't really bothered whats in the burgers as long as they haven't had to cook them. As for the 'fries' - give me a vinegar puddle of REAL chips any day!
@celticeagle (119388)
• Boise, Idaho
28 Jan 09
I guess. I hate McDonalds. Their hamburger is awful. Full of fillers and tastes terrible! I can be assured of a much better meal at BK whose beef actually tasted good and tastes as hamburger should taste.
• United States
13 Jan 09
To think that I love to eat at McDonalds, now I have to wonder what the meat really is. Perhaps it is a combination of meats in one. Although tasty now I may have to second guess. A friend told me once that they put worms in the burgers, only to find out it was not true. Still, they will never tell you what is REALLY in there, we just have to take it as a really good burger. But after reading this, I may try to keep away from the burgers and just stick with the salads.