do your spouce feel like they are in your shadown ?

United States
January 13, 2009 5:28pm CST
my wife often tell me she feel like she's in my shadow, most people talk to her just because of me. i often do feel bad because i am more out going then she is. but she is hard of hearing and have bad eyes. so it's hard for her to keep up sometime, but i don't like to be around a large group of people. do your spouce feel like they are in your shadow ? how do you deal with it ?
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@suzzy3 (8362)
14 Jan 09
I think my husand used to as when we got together he moved in with me and I have lived in this village and area for about forty years and he was known as sues husband but now he has made his own friends and talks to everyone and it is like he has always lived here and is totally accepted by all the neighbours and friends in his own right,it must be hard for your wife,there must be something she can do with others in her own right.I think you should talk to her and explain that people like her as well and look forward to seeing her,maybe you could have a word with a couple of friends and ask them to call on her when you are not there to give her a boost to her confidence because that is the problem confidence,it sounds like she is entering a really loney life,maybe there could be a selfhelp group for the hard of nearing and partailly sighted forgive the spelling,
@ronnyb (6125)
• Jamaica
14 Jan 09
I am single at the moment but I can understand that situation.I think what you can do is introduce her to some of your friends and explain the situation to them so that when they talk to her ,they talk slowly and exercise some level of patience.In addition you should be there to help her with the conversations by asking her opinion ,I am sure you understand her so you can act as translator for her. In addition too she needs to get her own friends ,who will go out with her and talk with her and who understand her special needs.I think this is even more likely to work than the above solution.Her friends are more likely to understand and relate to her special needs than your friends
• China
14 Jan 09
Hi buddy,your title is spelt wrongly