United States
January 13, 2009 10:18pm CST
How would you picture yourself as a super heroe? What power would you have??
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• United States
16 Jan 09
If only it were possible, I'd want the power to heal disease, both in myself and others. Too many people suffer too much, and it would be an honor to be able to alleviate their suffering.
@etan23 (19)
• United States
14 Jan 09
Well definitly as a good guy!!! Everyone knows the super villans never win!! lol but as far as a power I think as a boy I was always fascinated with being able to make yourself invisible or change into anything you touch could have some real advantages against those evil doers!!!!
@raynejasper (2326)
• Philippines
14 Jan 09
..If I could be one, I'd like to have the power to stop illnesses so that everybody is healthy and no one needs to suffer physically.. If people are healthy, I believe everyone could work for a living.. i don't want to make everyone rich because there is a tendency for people to get timid and wouldn't like to work because they have money..