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United States
January 14, 2009 1:50pm CST
My daughter is starting to babble. This was wonderful when she started! The first of course was da da da. Now we've moved to ba ba. She can do f's and starting on s's. It's so disheartening because no matter what I do I cannot get her to say ma ma. I am DYING to hear those words come out of her little mouth! I will say it over and over. She looks at me and goes "da da" ugh. What were your childs first words or babbles? How long did it take them to say "ma ma"?
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@kezabelle (2985)
14 Jan 09
Both my girls said Dada first around 7/8 ,months its only sounds though they were well over one before they said mummy with any real meaning behind it x
• Ireland
14 Jan 09
Hi. I felt the same way my little son when he said dada first before he said the word mama. I said he loves dada more because he said he's name first. But then I read in one article that babies can easily say the "d" word than the "m". I can't remember when son said the word mama. But it felt really good when he did!