Adolf Hitler taken by US child services

January 14, 2009 5:58pm CST This is an interesting story and I have followed it. The little boy with the big name has now been taken from his parents (well him and his siblings as well). I know its the parents rights to name a child but they expect no reaction to it. I am confused about them. There is still no info why the kids were taken away apart from the info that he has lung disease and she has back problems. Why do you think they were taken? What is your oppinion on this issue? Would you give your child with a name that could cause trouble in his life?
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• United States
15 Jan 09
I have heard about this but have not read any news about it. i am not sure but I do feel that a parnet has a right to name their child whatever they would like. I feel that if the state is jumping in for that reason only then that is not a good enough reason. There has to more than that. I will take a look at the story and see what I think about it. I should have done that before I responded but I could not resit saying what I had to say. Happy mylotting to you and have a great night.
• Australia
15 Jan 09
well I soon have to choose a name for our baby (due in April) will I pick a name that could harm the child in any way absolutly not I might admire Hitler but if I do so much I will change my name and wont put my child in the situation where people will judge him based on the name. I know that is not right but that is just how people are. As for why they have taken the kids well this is going to be interesting and I am going to follow it.