My new MP3 Player

United States
January 14, 2009 7:07pm CST
What is CaSonic MP3 Music Player with One Gigabyte Flash Memory with FM Tuner?CaSonic MP3 Music Player with One Gigabyte Flash Memory with FM Tuner is an almost too small MP3 player with a surprising amount of features for it's cost. I paid less than $30. You can play music, record your verbal nattering in the grocery store, play FM radio... Good grief, it even stores files like any good memory stick!Pros: Or why I bought this sucker... it does not need drivers in order to load and unload files of any sort unless you are using Windows 98. If you are using Windows 98 CaSonic MP3 Music Player kindly enclosed a driver mini-CD so you can enjoy this MP3 player too. The CaSonic MP3 Music Player package comes with ear buds, a AAA battery, a user's manual, and a USB 2 cable. People with Linux operating systems can use CaSonic MP3 Music Player with out difficulty. Cons: Or the slightly stinky bits. The only drawbacks with CaSonic MP3 Music Player is perhaps it's single GB size if you want to nitpick, and the USB connection's fit is not the best either. I wrote this as a review, and wanted to share it with you MyLotters. Enclosed is a pic of my gizmo.
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@chriswolf (360)
• China
15 Jan 09
very cool. maybe you can try IPod out someday.
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• United States
15 Jan 09
If I can afford it or if perhaps a real major steal happens. I understand that the batteries on iPods are...if they break you have to buy a new iPod? With this, I have a store bought rechargeable AAA battery and on the ear headphones. I don't care for earbuds. Don't iPods require you to use their earbuds?