Do you switch off your mobile while travelling in flight?

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@smilyn (2964)
United States
January 15, 2009 6:12am CST
It is said that the mobile signals may interfere with the aircraft signals during take off and landing of the flight. So the air crew generally advice to switch off the mobiles. BUt many times I forget to do so. Do you switch off your mobile while travelling in flight?
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@wolfie34 (26792)
• United Kingdom
15 Jan 09
Not that I fly very often that is but I always adhere to the instruction of turning my mobile off, what if something happened to the plane and it was found out later that it was a mobile device that had caused the problem, doesn't bear thinking about does it, for the sake of turning your mobile off and any calls can wait can't they! I wouldn't take the risk, besides I am not a good flier anyhow so I make damn sure everything is disconnected, don't laugh but I even worry about having my Ipod on PSML!
@smilyn (2964)
• United States
15 Jan 09
Yes, it is good to do that. And I have been told one more thing too. The air craft area do not allow the mobile signals once the crew is ready for take-off. They limit the mobile signals after the instructions being given. So even if you don't switch it off, it will be inactive only..But it is always better to abide to the instructions.
@UK_Shree (3604)
16 Jan 09
I always remember to switch my phone off. I know that many new mobile phones have an 'in-flight' mode which means it is safe to have it switched on even when flying. My phone does not have this function however and therefore I always keep it switched off. Usually there are signs on the back of every seat, reminding passengers that they need to ensure phones are turned off so I have never had a problem remembering
@mysdianait (64224)
• Italy
15 Jan 09
I always turn mine off as instructed by the cabin crew before take-off but I feel this will become a thing of the past soon. I saw a programme on televidon very recently and it seems mobile phones do not interfere with on-board equipment in aircraft so soon we will be able to call while flying too. That would be another useful thing to do in the otherwise wasted time on some flights
• Canada
15 Jan 09
ok if you were sitting beside me and i knew this i'd be freaking. i'm scared of flying and wish everyone would follow the rules to make it safer for everyone
@phyrethyme (1267)
• Philippines
15 Jan 09
Well.. In my two last flights, I first just switched my phone to flight mode even if the air crew do not really recommend flight mode. They still request passengers to turn off their phones. I switched my phone to flight mode once and even listened to music. It hurt my ears. LOL. Going home, I turned off my phone, using it threatened me of ear pain.