if you can be one of the characters in shrek. who would you be?

January 16, 2009 5:10am CST
if you can be one of the characters in shrek, who would you be? shrek? donkey? pus in boots? the ginger bread man? merlin? Pinocchio? etc. and why?
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
21 Aug 10
Well even am eagerly awaiting the movie and hope this should be enjoyable one!!
@vishwaskg (514)
• India
18 Feb 09
he he he.... I would be the Donkey. Thats because ,i am a silent type and would love to be a talkative like Donkey. Also the jokes and punches are really superb by Donkey. He is also loved by many and love it when it gets panicky Cheers
@mojo76 (56)
• Bulgaria
12 Feb 09
i want to be Shrek. i want to be alone in the swamp far from all the people always wining about something and trying to use you.
@j47lee (743)
• Canada
6 Feb 09
hmmm... i would be donkey... coz first he never shuts up... second he's sooo carefree..... and i love those babies of his... soooo cute with wings flying around.. hehehe..
@annah2 (29)
• Philippines
6 Feb 09
If I can be one of the characters in Shrek maybe I am Pus in boots.Because he is so cute. I love cats and Pus is a very adorable cat.
• Ireland
16 Jan 09
Im thinking Donkey because everyone loves him:)
@uicbear (1903)
• United States
16 Jan 09
I would not want to be the gingerbread man. He always seems to be getting broken in someway or another. I love Puss. I think he has the perfect blend of sarcasm and wit.
16 Jan 09
Puss In Boots. I'm very catty in attitude, anyway - calm and independant, but don't annoy me or I'll scratch your face off.
@denise002 (444)
• Australia
16 Jan 09
donkey.. because i never shut up im always talking and rambling on about practically nothing and coz in the morning im making waffles!!!