the moment you became your parents?

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January 16, 2009 8:20pm CST
Here's a question for you... what moment was it when you as a parent.... did or said something and stopped and said...."Whoa, I just became my mom...." I did this a couple years ago with my son... when I said to him, "How many times do I have to repeat myself".... and stopped in my tracks and had tons of flashbacks of being told that....LOL --at that moment I became my mom!!
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• Canada
17 Jan 09
LOL! Been there too! Whenever I've heard myself say: "When I was your age..." "Just wait until your father gets home..." "I don't CARE what the other kids do..." "I am not HER mother, I'm YOUR mother and I say..." among other things, I just laugh at myself. Yep, I swore I wouldn't become my mom but in many ways I have. Now that I'm old enough to appreciate just how great she was when she was alive and just how wonderful a parent she was, I finally realized it's a compliment to be like her. Just took me awhile to get there! *grin*
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18 Jan 09
wow, isnt it funny when those "phrases" come out and you stop and look around to see who said them and realise they werent for you and you said them and you became your parent at that moment....LOL thanks for responding.
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