Making Sweet potato fries, the freezing part

@suspenseful (40334)
January 17, 2009 4:22pm CST
I love sweet potatoes and they cannot stay stored for long at my house, because if the thermostat goes up to even one degree over 60 they start to soften. So I have to cook it and mash it up, and put the one I did not eat into the freezer. Now with regular white potatoes, I could do the same and also partly fry them and then warm them up in the oven on a tray just like they do for those frozen french fries you pick up in the store. But I notice that when I oven fry the potatoes my husband likes and the sweet potatoes I like, by the time his is done, mine are burn. So I was wondering at what temperature should the oven be for sweet potato oven fries (if that is possible( and can they be partly fried so I can put them in the freezer and then when I want some, put them on the pan in the oven and heat them up?