Looking for a recommendation for a fast, low-memory browser

@Wolfechu (1193)
United States
January 18, 2009 1:52am CST
Already tried the usual suspects; Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc. Looking for something with an incredibly low CPU footprint that'll run nicely. Used to use K-Ninja for these purposes, but apparently that's not around any more. Any suggestions?
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@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
18 Jan 09
It is not in your list so I wonder whether you have tried Opera or not. I found it to be low in memory usage and can be used on low end PC systems where may other browsers struggle to function properly. Usually I have more than 20 tabs running with no discernible loss of speed. Have you tried Avant, an IE based browser without the frills? all the best, rosdimy
@badzvenom (102)
• Philippines
18 Jan 09
With the power of the processors or the system as a whole nowadays, I don't think cpu usage is a big problem. Besides I can't seem to find a browser that has a really low cpu footprint. As the browsers increases in its features, I think the more that it uses the cpu. For me I stick to firefox.
@Wolfechu (1193)
• United States
18 Jan 09
It is in certain circumstances; Firefox for one is a terrible resources hog, and pretty all-elbows when you're running anything else. Don't get me wrong, it's what my wife and I use for 99% of the time, but certain websites will drag even with a high-end PC.