what's your current 2v2 arena team like?

United States
January 18, 2009 3:07am CST
i have a warrior who used to be teamed up with a priest. but rogues nowadays can stunlock anything and kill them in a few seconds. so i ended up teaming with a ret pally. i also have a resto shaman that's teamed up with a ret pally and that team seems to be the best combination so far. id rather have a DK partner, but all of the ones i know are taken :p. i used to have a lock, but locks are so squishy even in demon form . whats your 2v2 team like?
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@xtedaxcvg (3191)
• Philippines
27 Jan 09
I haven't done any arenas yet as I've been busy gearing up through PvE content. But pre-WotLK our 2v2 team consists of a Holy Paladin (me) and an Affliction Warlock. We'd always go for the squishy ones first. Hunters, Mages, Shamans, and yes, Warriors fall on that category. Why warriors you ask? Well, almost all warriors spec to Arms so they're somehow squishy since they don't have heals or a very big HP to back them up. The warlock would fear-juggle the other one while casting DoTs on the main target while my Holy Pally bombards him with holy shocks and judgements. My Pally would occasionally throw in Hammer of Wrath to either the CCed one or the main target. We would average a 7-3 win ratio per week.