January 18, 2009 9:21am CST
i'm just a day older here in mylot... i really don't have so much idea of how this discussion really works and how much do we really earn in posting a responses and making a new one..can you please elaborate it to me?and how many times have you got your earnings here?
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@owlwings (39594)
• Cambridge, England
18 Jan 09
A good discussion is a topic on which you have something to say AND it is likely that others will too! A good discussion asks questions and expects quality answers. There is a list of the kind of discussions we SHOULDN'T post in the Guidelines. It's a list of DON'Ts simply because it's easier to list the (quite few) things not to do than it would be to list all the kinds of things we CAN do! Many people see it as 'restrictive' but it isn't meant to be that way at all. It should be obvious that asking questions like 'What color are your eyes?' and just posting information (like a recipe or a joke) or asking people if they will join up to your pet referral program are NOT going to inspire people to give lots of original ideas and opinions! Learn to write good discussions that will attract many good responses and you will find your earnings increasing accordingly. Making quality responses to good topics will do the same. Not taking notice of the very simple rules (or trying to find loopholes just so that you can 'do what you want and thumb your nose at MyLot') will inevitably lose you points and earnings. When a discussion is deleted by Admin, all the earnings and points people got for posting in that discussion are deleted and that bit of cash is redistributed over 'good' discussions. This is why many people see with horror that their earnings have gone down from time to time. There are plenty of others whose earnings are increased! Welcome to MyLotting! Realise that it's not about the money (that is a nice bonus but you won't get rich on it ... and they DO pay on the nail when you reach the payout limit you have set!) MyLot is about taking part in useful and interesting discussions, making friends with similar interests and ... enjoying yourself online.