What is the best perfume to give a gift to a girl?

January 18, 2009 10:49pm CST
I want give a perfume as a gift to my girl friend can anyone tell which is best perfume i can get so that she has to be impressed very much she has to remember it for a long time and it should be very rare brand that she can not think about.
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@jesssp (2742)
• Canada
19 Jan 09
I got this really cool gift for Christmas that consisted of ten different perfume samples (which as an added bonus were HUGE) and a gift certificate for your favorite one. It was in a very presentable box with a nice booklet that had descriptions of the scents. I thought that was great because I can pick my own perfume rather than getting one that I might not like. If something like that isn't an option then I would suggest asking her what her favorite scents are and then asking the person at the perfume counter for suggestions.
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• India
19 Jan 09
Ohh ok but if i ask her to tell her favorites she can guess that i going to give something of that sort. Thanks for the response.
@koalatbs (2230)
• United States
11 Feb 09
Hi saichandtalluri - I sell Avon products & I just love one they have called Odessey. It smells sooo good. I have been buying it for years, even before I started selling for Avon. I hope you found something that she loved!
@MsTickle (24994)
• Australia
20 Jan 09
When giving the gift of perfume, one must be very careful. You must give her something that she wears that suits her. Not all perfumes can be worn by all women. There are a couple of perfumes that I love the smell of but they don't react well on my skin...oriental scents are one type I simply cannot wear...if an oriental is mixed with a floral with more of the floral, then that can be ok. Also, some perfumes simply evaporate to nothing on my skin. There are also various degrees of perfume...from concentrated oil to an eau de cologne. So, I suggest if you are intent on buying her some really good perfume, take her to a parfumery and let her try out some different types. There are three notes to a perfume...the first note is when it is first placed on the skin, this changes to a different scent as the second note takes over...finally the last note...the way the perfume will remain on the skin. This process can take some time so trying perfume and making a final selection can take several trips. What a beautiful gift...each visit to the store a new experience to be remembered. It is a loving and thoughtful man indeed who would go to such trouble. Of course, you can simply find out what perfume she wears and give her some of the same but it would not have the same excitement would it?
@Opal26 (17690)
• United States
20 Jan 09
Hi saichandtalluri! There are alot of lovely perfumes out there that I am sure your girlfriend would love. It is hard to pick out a perfume for someone that I don't know! The ones that I like are very expensive and I wait to get them as gifts myself! I like Estee Lauder's "Pleasure" and "Knowing". They are nice scents. They have them in most Department stores. I also like Dolce & Gabana's "Light Blue" which my boyfiend got me for Christmas, but that is expensive and he got it at a discount center in NYC. I'm sure whatever you buy for her she will be very happy with!
@Galena (9123)
19 Jan 09
perfume is such a personal thing. everybody likes different smells. there is no perfume that every woman likes. also to consider, everyone has different skin chemistry, so the same smell will smell completely different on different people. for example, if I wear a perfume that smells blackcurranty, or at all like cherries, it smells like a cats wee on my skin. some people find that roses smell like baby wipes on their skin. so the best approach is to find out what perfume she already buys and wears, or a perfume that she has tried on her skin, but not bought because of the price. and then try and get some kind of set, maybe one with a body lotion and shower gel as well as the perfume itself.
@4my1nonly (352)
• Philippines
19 Jan 09
hi saichandtalluri, hmmm.. for me, i love the smell of charlie white, a cool one...if you really want to know what perfume she wants, why don't you bring her to the mall and ask her if she can make a good choice for you, just say that you want it to give to someone special that is close to you but can't make her jealous (sister/cousin/mother),, and well she's your girlfriend,,i think she will love anything/everything that you'll give to her,,,,wish you all the luck!!!^__^ keep smiling...God Bless!
@britt_200 (1227)
• United States
19 Jan 09
daisy marc jacobs is a popular perfume right now and it smells really good on everyone...check it out.