Chinese Democracy - review

@shyamlal (3538)
January 19, 2009 1:35pm CST
Finally AXL is out with his album..After 17 years here comes Chinese democracy - the most anticipated album ever. I bought this one and I am happy that it didn't disappoint me..Well its never a "GnR" but definitely a good one..The songs like This I love ,Street of dreams and sorry are really good...The guitaring is also good ..robin finck ,Ron "bumblefoot"Thal and Richard has done a pretty good thing also Buckethead too has contributed to this album.. If you take this as a 17 year long GnR project you might get disappointed cause the sound is different from what it used to be with the originals...Take this as a comeback album of one of the greatest frontmen ever..And you will like this.. Yeah there are some bad ones too ,especially "Better" seems to be more popish and I find it really hard to listen to it.. But totally its a good one and if you are an Axl Rose fan ...don't miss it ..Have a good time ..
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