refering people to mylot

United States
January 20, 2009 9:23am CST
I'm torn on this issue. I've really come to like mylot. I don't know anyone and that suits me just fine. I can vent about all my issues and reveal semi personal information that I wouldn't share with people I run into from time to time. So do you take the step to refer people who you know, knowing that they will be reading the things that you have opened up about and make the tiny bit of extra money? Or do you keep this site to yourself so your can keep on venting and relieving stress without added worries?
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• China
20 Jan 09
i donot refer anybody on mylot even if i do it i will never let them know my nickname cause i do not want my familiar people know my post or some secret imformation about me cause if they know something and can ask me for an answer that moment will make me so uncomfortable and awkward about myself so thinking of this when i write some blog or else personal i donot let my friends read it i prefer to share it with strangers.
• United States
20 Jan 09
I completely agree with you. As odd as it sounds I would rather post to a thousand people that I didn't know, rather than share what's bothering me with a roomful of friends. I really like mylot. It helps me vent just about stupid daily things. No one has to read it or listen to what I have to say. But it helps to just put it out there. Thanks for sharing!
@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
20 Jan 09
So far my referrals know who I am. This is generally a good site where we can learn and share so I do not see the reason why I should keep it to myself. There are things which I find it difficult to express face to face. If they find out what I have written here it may help them to understand me better, and realise what has been bugging my mind. all the best, rosdimy