catching the bad guy's

United States
January 21, 2009 12:09am CST
Did you hear that the cops are using the internet to catch the bad guy's? How you ask well they put up fliers on guy's they are looking for and nobody answered. So, then the cops put the mug shot on face book and the calls came pouring in. The bad guy was caught fast. So, now they are doing it more and more. They say more ppl are on the internet then looking at newspapers or fliers. What do you think? Do you look at the internet or fliers more? Where do you get most of your news and information? Let me know, Please!
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• United States
21 Jan 09
i get my news from the newspaper & tv. i don't go to many places on the computer. just have never gotten in the habit of it. as lons as they get the bad guys i'm all for putting it anywhere!
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@onlydia (2808)
• United States
24 Jan 09
I go and watch TV. as it is one of the times I stop doing everything and sit and relax with the news. Then we have dinner and talk and back to what we where doing before. I like to see things these days that make me smile on the internet. You have a good day. I have never seen anyone that they have had on most wanted on Tv. But then the person would have to tell me did you see me on TV. Not good with faces all that much. Better with faces then names how ever. You have a good day.