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January 21, 2009 1:20pm CST
I am on a get married kick. It just needs to happen. Everyone around me is getting engaged and I'm insanely jealous. I was looking at rings the other day on line. I would really like to pick mine out because my boyfriends tastes are...unusual. I have a feeling though that he would rather surprise me with it. If that happened I would love it because it came from him, but I might love it more if I picked it out. Is that incredibly selfish of me? Ladies did you pick your own ring out or did your man surprise you with it? And if he did surprise you with it did you actually like it?
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24 Jan 09
UMM NO! I have been engaged THREE times and just could not go threw with a wedding, but here I am once again engaged. I have had some gorgeous rings two that I kept and 1 that I had to give back. With that said this last time around I went to the jewelry district in my city by myself, picked out exactly what I wanted had sized etc and gave him the receipt to go pick it up, he did and asked me to marry him a few days later, so it was still spontaneous and romantic, AND I got the exact ring I wanted this time....btw we have set a date this is the closest I have come with going threw with it all the way lol
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• Canada
23 Jan 09
I gave my input when it came to my engagement ring but it was my fiance who actually picked it out. We looked at rings together in the months before we got engaged so he definitely knew what I liked but I didn't want to out and out pick it myself. It was important to me that he do the picking - and he did a great job! It was nice to see that he knew my taste so well.
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21 Jan 09
I was involved with picking both of my engagement rings, actually. Both times, I was asked to choose something I'd like. However, if you think your boyfriend will want to surprise you with one, then I would absolutely let him. I don't think it's "incredibly selfish" but I do think you would rob him of the experience that some men really do enjoy. Instead of trying to let him know that you would "love it more" if you picked a ring yourself, why don't you just let him see rings that are more to your liking? Show him a few designs under the guise of "oh look isn't this a gorgeous ring?". Of course he's going to know WHY you're showing him but, in the long run, it might help him pick something nice but still let him do it on his own... and, above all else, don't rush him into it. You say you're "insanely jealous" of people around you getting engaged... try your best to quell that with your boyfriend. It's really not a good idea to pressure him into getting you a ring until he's ready for that step ;) Best of luck to you both!