People should stop abandoming animals

Hong Kong
January 22, 2009 11:52pm CST
Loads of people buy expensive, fragile pets in posh pets store and a week later, either the pet dies or left on the street cos the owner can't look after it or have no respnsbility. Why do people buy pets when they can't look after them? If they don't have the reponability to care for a pet, then they shouldn't buy a pet. Most animals are founded bu the RSPCA or Dog Rescue. When you want to buy a pet, go there and look for one. there are lots of abandoned, abused or stray animals looking for a loving home. Plus, they're chaep and does not cost as much.
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@goldeneagle (6775)
• United States
30 Jan 09
I really angers me to see people hurting or abandoning animals. It is our responsibility to care for animals, and to help them live better lives whenever we can. I have three Chihuahuas, and I would never think of abandoning them. They are loving pets, and they are part of our family. They go where I go, or I won't go. I wish I could do more to help abandoned animals, but I have a hard enough time providing for my family now. I hate those commercials on TV that show the dogs and cats in those shelters. I wish I could afford to adopt them all.
• Hong Kong
31 Jan 09
You can, in fact. If you go to the RSPCA stores, buy a membership and you can adopt any animals for a cheap price though the membership is a quiet pricey...
• South Africa
28 Jan 09
It's very sad. When you get a pet, you are making a commitment - that's how I see it. All of our recent cats were rescues, i.e. someone else's abandoned pet. Out here, there was an outcry a few years back when some retired racehorses ended up as cart horses, used by people who didn't have the resources or knowledge to care for them properly. It got reported and they were rescued, but that sort of thing should not happen.
• Hong Kong
29 Jan 09
I know. ppl don't think animal have feeloings or emotions. They only think animals have only got insstics and stuff. Why would ppl think like that? i mean. Humans aren't the top of the food chain, is it? Don't have to have a go at an animal.
@loveyevi (513)
• United States
23 Jan 09
This is a bit of a problem. There are at least 10 stray cats running around here and it is heartbreaking. I even know of someone who has three cats and a dog. She used to have four cats but one day decided that one of her cats was too antisocial for her and just left him out on the street. It was an awful thing to do and do not understand how someone can do that to a pet. At least the cat was neutured but why would you spend money to do that to a cat just to let it go roam around outside never to see it again? People with pets they no longer wish to own should do the responsible thing and find a good home for it, or at least take it to a shelter.
• Hong Kong
25 Jan 09
I would never abbandon an animal. If i wanted to, i would donate it to the RSPCA