Do you think military members deserve an increased pay?

@ulalume (714)
United States
January 23, 2009 6:13am CST
This morning I was just randomly thinking of things to pass the time before I have to go to school ( usual), and I am wondering how the community on here feels about increasing military pay? I know that a lot of people would probably have a problem with this due to the fact it would likely take some tax payer dollars to achieve, but wouldn't it be worth it? Sometimes I don't think I even respect those in uniform (such as my brother, which is why I had these thoughts anyways). I understand that they make some money, and the sign on bonus is around 40,000 dollars (I believe). However, is this really enough for what they do? I am just looking at the fact that my brother has been called up for active duty three times (all while being in the national guard, mind you). He was just about to get out of the military after about 8 years, but then the government pulled a fast one and told him he was going to Iraq (he'd already been to Afganistan, among other places) about a month before he was going to get out (meaning: he would have to serve the full year in Iraq, despite the fact his contract ends in a month). He ended up working out a deal which required him returning to ROTC and advancing in his soldier class (also meaning he is enlisted for another 2 years). So, he has recieved no additional money really. He is payed less than most school teachers. To be called up from his regular life to go fight in a war (or clean up Katrina, among other things). Do you think sacrifice like this deserves more pay? Whether you agree with the war or not (I dont!), these people are doing things for the citizens of the country, for the government (sometimes even against their will or when backed in a corner in a way that seems very offensive). Discuss!
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