Have you ever opened someone else's mail by mistake?

@sudalunts (5526)
United States
January 23, 2009 7:00am CST
I have, usually when I get the mail, I am expecting for it to be mail for me or my husband. My husband's oldest son has the same name as my husband, and if mail comes to our house addressed with my husband's name, I will open it. One time I opened the mail and was confused as to why my husband was getting such a letter, come to find out it was for his son. Have you ever opened mail not intended for you?
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@May2k8 (7123)
• Indonesia
23 Jan 09
No, i don't opened someone else mail by mistake. I will see for who it email, before i opened it. Someone else have the same address with my home, if i don't know that name i will to inform an postman where is that address.
23 Jan 09
i open mail not by mistake if it gets delivered to my house and i have no idea whose it is... 50% of it is so i might be able to decipher who it was inteded for and give it back, 50% is just to see if theres anything good inside i can use :/ who else doesnt?
• Portugal
23 Jan 09
That only happened to me once, I was expecting a letter and I was excited to see it that I opened it. Then I realize it's not for me. That was sad. I closed the letter and then put it in the mailbox.
@moneymaya (901)
• India
23 Jan 09
yeah I have opened else's mail by mistake but didn't do miss you , thanks for sharing
• Lubbock, Texas
23 Jan 09
Yep, definitely. I used to have a mail carrier that wasn't very precise about sorting the mail. I open my personal mail like I always opened mail at work. Stack it, turn the stack with the long edge up, slit each envelope with the letter opener, then look through and sort it. I've opened my son's mail, (he lives next door) and my neighbor on the other side's mail, and people I don't have any idea where they lived, because the address wasn't anywhere near me. I'd just put scotch tape across the slit, write opened by mistake, and my initials on the back of the flap and put it back in the mail box.