American Idol Judges are full of themselves... they take Be Carfeul as a threat?

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January 23, 2009 11:43am CST
A few nights ago on american idol, a country boy got rejected. On the way out the door he politely said "all right. Take care and be careful" The judges reacted as if he just threatened to kill them in their sleep! They stated that was a threat... see story here: Now I heard it and first off it sounded totally pleasent, like he was wishing them good luck or something. Second, he wasn't at all showing any anger. And Third, when they confronted him about what he said, he seemed totally taken aback like "you thought that was a threat????" Do you think these AI judges are too full of themselves? Just because one or two crazies are willing to kill themselves over AI doesn't mean that every rejected contestant is a nutcase. This poor guy was just saying a phrase that is completely innocent and probably something he says to all his friends and family, yet these judges turned him into a threat! What are your thoughts? If you havent seen it, check the link so you can really see the line by line of what was said.
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28 Jan 09
I seriously cannot believe that they misinterpreted this! It did not appear that the guy was saying it in any wrong way. They are really buggin and letting this AI fame go to their heads to the fullest extent. I was so surprised and upset when I heard their reactions. I watched the show that night and at no moment did that guy show any type of disappointment to the point he was going to become violent. Not verbally or physically. They are crazy!! I tell my family and friends to be careful every time they leave my home or if I know they are going somewhere. This does not mean that I am wishing harm on them or that I am going to harm them myself. I cannot believe the reactions of these judges. They really need to remove themselves from the main stream and enter reality with the rest of us average beings!
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@vivasuzi (4125)
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29 Jan 09
I totally agree, he said it so casually it was like "have a nice day!" What made me the most mad was that after he tried to explain himself, they still talked to him as if he was a terrorist or something! Dumb-butts. My mom always says be careful when I leave too, b/c she's saying she doesn't want me to get in an accident or anything like that. It's a normal phrase to say. If they should be worried about anyone, it would be the people who they truly insult A LOT and laugh at. Those are the contestants they should fear! Not a nice guy who was just saying bye. Oh well