lost my internet for a while today

@cripfemme (7715)
United States
January 23, 2009 1:50pm CST
I lost my internet for about two hours. Of course, this was the worst time to have an internet outage this week. I'm trying to get all my work done before I go to PMN and this was not helpful. It turned out to be a really stupid problem and after about half an hour on the phone (various times with various people) the last guy I talked to said, "push the blue button". Magically, my internet was restored. I realized it's weird how dependent on the internet as an information source especially for someone like me who doesn't always have the manual dexterity to handle phone books or manipulate papers. I wanted to call in a new latex glove order, but didn't know my suppliers phone number. It's either in my phone (which I just got a new one and haven't had the phone book transferred) or on google. I had to call 411 which is an issue because of my speech impediment and they connected me to the wrong place. What a day!
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• India
24 Jan 09
i think internet providers should be careful see that internet is working fine because many customers do not like to get disconnected when they are doing some important work.