How Do You Dry Your Clothes if There's No Sunshine?

@mjmlagat (3171)
January 24, 2009 3:27am CST
Well, this is only applicable for those out there who are not using machine dryers to dry laundry. I'm wondering on this because these days have been very rainy in our place and it's just difficult for me to dry clothes. Any advise will be appreciated. Thanks for sharing your ideas on the subject.
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@drakesuyat (1063)
• Philippines
26 Jan 09
often times, i use electric fan for help.:-) but sometimes i hang my clothes at the back of the fridge to help me get them dry.
@mjmlagat (3171)
• Philippines
28 Jan 09
Yeah, I'm doing the same thing too. Thanks for the response!
@riyasam (16571)
• India
24 Jan 09
when it is rainy season,i do face a similar difficulty,i do have a drier now.sometimes i just spread,some of the emergency clothes in my bedroom,where the fan is on all night and some parts if it doesnot get dried,i use my steam iron.
@mjmlagat (3171)
• Philippines
25 Jan 09
that's quite an idea! Thanks for the time riyasam!
@KRUS777 (70)
• Philippines
18 Mar 09
Well I know that heat through sunshine is a crucial element in terms of drying clothes. I guess without sunshine clothes won't dry fast. Probably what I'd do is get an electric fan and try to dry them. I don't know if it'll work but a little experimenting never hurt anyone right? well except if Mr. Bean is the one doing it, it'd be catastrophic probably...hehehe.....
• Philippines
14 Mar 09
Well, as a student I have three peices of white uniform in upper and two pieces of skirt I have to wash them everyday after using it. But if theres a rain I hang it inside our house and put it nearest to our electric fan and set it to the maximum level.I know it can affect to the electric bill but it is the only way that I can wear my clothes for tomorrow's class..
@kellyjeanne (1576)
• United States
30 Jan 09
In our apt complex we have washers and dryers on every floor, but, some clothes I won't dry them in the dryer when I first buy them. For those items I usually hang them on the rod where the shower curtain hangs in the bathtub. It works beautifully for me. I hope this helps you a bit. Purrs, Catwoman=^..^= & Mija
• Mauritius
29 Jan 09
what we have always done is either mom puts them on the balcony and if its night time it is put at the back of the fridge. If it is sunny then we would put them outside to dry outside on a rope
@eagle_f15 (2054)
• Malaysia
29 Jan 09
I am staying in an apartment and we have an extended steel cage like thing to hang clothes facing the air well. There is never sunshine there but plenty of wind and breeze. So my clothes are dried there whether it is raining or not. Currently there's only mys husband and me in the apartment so there is sufficient space for our clothes. In future when the baby comes and grows, I have to think of some alternative.But right now this is it.
28 Jan 09
It it warm and wet where you live? I have a drying rack, just like an indoor washing/clothes line. If you don't put heating on, place it in frount of a sunny window, darker clothes will dry quicker in that case though!