motivating your kids

@shymurl (2768)
United States
January 24, 2009 10:27am CST
I seem to have a hard time motivating my kids to do their chores. I have to tell them a dozen times to pick up their rooms, make their beds and stuff like that. It can be very aggravating. it eventually gets done like after a couple hours or so. I have tried to ground them, take stuff away, even reward them if they get it done and nothing seems to work. what are some of the methods you use to motivate your kids to do their work around the house???
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@kezabelle (2985)
25 Jan 09
Maybe give them a time frame to complete the jobs? Like say to them you need to clean your room i would like it done by...... and give them a time with plenty of time to complete it. Sometimes i find giving children a little time and space brings them round a lot quicker than nagging at them to do it right then and there as to me as long as it gets done when doesnt matter to me. Failing that if they are old enough do what my mum did to my little siser and threaten to invite her boyfriend round to see just how disgustingly messy she really was she soon tidyied it up but she was lie 17 at the time lol!
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@StarBright (2799)
• United States
24 Jan 09
You don't say how old your children are. A couple of hours does not seem like a long time. Have you tried turning it into a game? Maybe create a calendar and hand it where everyone can see. Give special rewards for high achievers. Kids love to win. Kids can also be harder on each other than you can ever be if they get a personal stake in it. Maybe even let them decide what the rewards should be. Maybe you are giving them matter of fact things that don't mean much to them. Have a sit down with them. Tell them you need their help and see where that takes you. It just might work. But you still have to be patient. Establish the family meeting once a week or every few days - whatever is needed.
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• Canada
25 Jan 09
HMMMMMM isn`t this a timeless question. All kids are like this at least mine are. My kids will clean my whole house....except there own rooms....I HAVE NO IDEA WHY....but once it is done they love the clean room!!! it usually works if I pull out the vaccum on my little one and she freaks...and I put some toys in the garbage last week and she started to clean up real fast!!!! Good luck Allowance kind of works for my 8 year old...but it diffently works for the 12 year old she is really good! Good luck