Selfish Friend

January 24, 2009 9:27pm CST
I am bubbly,jolly woman but I have a few friends, everytime my friends have their own bonding with their friends , I get jealous everytime I see them happy I feel that I am neglected friend,,I know this is selfish character,:( If I have a friend you shoul stay with me and not to find another friend,,huhuhu,,this is so bad,,,but I am trying not to get jealous now,,I slowly stop it with the help of my friends....What do you think is my problem?
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• United States
25 Jan 09
Do you worry about being 'replaced' in the life of your friends. Do you think that maybe they will like someone else and dump you? Those used to be common fears for me. I found out through therapy, for lots of problems, that I have/had a real fear of abandonment. I have some very valid reasons for this fear, but it was just facing that it was a problem for me helped me recognize and move past that point in my life. I was clinging, and subtly demanding, really manipulative of people who care for me, making them prove it over and over. It takes a lot of interior work to stop this, recognition is the first step, the big step.
@ravend (661)
• Malta
25 Jan 09
You're not selfish, you're only humans. Humans can be weak. You feel left out, and you have to find out why... perhaps you are afraid of being abandoned? Try to focus on bonding with your actual friends and making them feel important. :)
@aspnaren (314)
• India
25 Jan 09
yOU have to really change your attitude now.So please try to have friends who are always with you.Dont feel inferior. Many of my friends feels the same they want me to be with them always but I cant be with them always.So try to change your attitude or tell your feelings to your friends and they might help you...