Somebody is calling me idiot because

January 25, 2009 3:47pm CST
I hate to see all the women and children were killed at gaza. What do you say about this? Some people here like to see the flesh and blood of palestinien women and children. Maybe because they're muslim, is ok for them to die?
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@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
26 Jan 09
Do not get easily offended by words. Currently there are people on myLot who like to resort to unhealthy activities like name calling simply because we do not share the same beliefs or ideas. Try to ignore them. The more you respond the more active they become. Remember that there are many others who prefer civilised discussions. An idiot would not be able to write the way you did. all the best, rosdimy
• United States
25 Jan 09
It is not ok for any one to be killed regardless of there religious beliefs. The Gaza Strip is disturbing me to think that people are so ignorant as to kill helpless children and Women.
@dinos1 (204)
• Greece
25 Jan 09
No one should feel glad for what is happening there... When women and kids that have no relationship to the war die, anyone who would be OK with it should feel ashamed.. On the other hand, there is a vicious circle developped in the Middle East.. Hamas shooting Israel with rockets all the time and making provocative statements of the type "Israel doesn't deserve to exist" etc. And Israel using these as excuse to hit them. Then Hamas throwing more rockets for Israel hitting them etc.. If only people could live in peace with each other... :(