UPDATE on my case against the cop..A crooked cop remains on the streets of FL

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January 26, 2009 10:11am CST
Well needless to say the cop got off on ALL OF IT! I cant believe it! They dropped my assult charge against him because i was more scared for "my kids" safety then my own. Thats some Bullish if ive ever heard any. They dropped joeys brothers assult charge against him because he couldnt make it to court which is understandable but dropping mine? that was wrong! They kept the one assult charge and the charge of improper exhibiton of a deadly weapon and the jury says he's not guilty? i guess when your a law officer you can get away with murder down here in florida. (sarcasm) he claims we were trying to ram our brand new not even had it a month truck into his truck while driving down the road and he felt his life was in danger and thats why he flashed the gun, oh no wait (sarcasm) he said he didnt flash it he took it from his bag to his seat lol. but if that was the case then how would we have seen it lol. and another question Why issue a police badge to an officer if they dont use it? i think the jury was scared because he was an officer which is wrong. we even had 3 officers there that took both sides of the case and were there to be on our side after knowing what all had happened so obviously he did something wrong but the jury decided he was innocent. Its a shame! a crooked cop remains on the streets in southwest florida.
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@spalladino (17925)
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26 Jan 09
Lesson #1 that you learned (and me,too) in court that day was that we sould have brought John down from Maryland to testify since the defense attorney took advantage of his absence and painted a very ugly and completely untrue picture of him that the prosecution was unable to refute. I seriously doubt the jury would have believed that a volunteer firefighter who works for Emergency Services was the thug gangsta from the big city that John was portrayed as being. On the bright side...and you know me, I always manage to find a bright side. This officer will be less likely to do this to anyone else so at the very least, you were able to help other potential victims of this man's racial hatred. He also suffered the embarassment and humiliation of being arrested, figer printed, photographed, detained in a jail cell and...last but not least...explaining to his Chief why he was arrested in the first place. The fear of losing this case, as well as his job, hung over his head for 9 months and I'm sure he paid that attorney a tidy sum. It wasn't the outcome we had hoped for but I do believe that he learned a lesson and was knocked down a couple of pegs. I have to believe that he will follow the letter of the law very closely from now on...and one last thing that I just remembered...he'll never pull Joey over if he happens to be sharing the road with him again. That would look like retaliation on his part.
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26 Jan 09
yup! very true! or me lol
@aztcgirl (267)
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23 Feb 11
I have a stalker and his cousin is an crooked cop and my stalker is pushing the enevlope as far as he can where he cant get in to trouble , i want to go to the d.a regarding this but I would have to go out of the county because my county is crooked and ill just screw myself over. I wish you luck