The Global Crisis

@blogs86 (370)
January 26, 2009 9:36pm CST
Will history repeat itself with this global financial crisis? an Expert, who studies global financial crisis says that the world if doomed to repeat the same financial mistakes that were made, that lead to World War1 and 2. he says, that is our global leaders continue to make the same mistakes, and the people continue to panic, then we open ourselves up to the possibility of World War 3. he says, that if you study history surrounding the world wars, you'll see that the financial disasters prior to those wars. what do you think?
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@iceyelo (46)
• Philippines
27 Jan 09
History will reapeat itself when we never learn when it happened the first time. I think we have learned. We will survive this crisis.
@eynjel05 (444)
• Philippines
27 Jan 09
Well in my opinion, its time for all of each contries leaders to work out for this kind of problem. and the best ways is for u to have unity so that we can together solve this kind of problem.
@ktosea (2027)
• China
27 Jan 09
the expert has a good point,financial problems lead to war.histroy is similiar and we people haven't learned a lesson from the disasters
@snowy22315 (51134)
• United States
27 Jan 09
I will think that we are probably already experiencing a crisis of that magnitude. I guess I will like to think that we will all pull through this together though. I hope I'm not wrong. It's so hard to see people suffering. I wish it wouldnt happen. It is really too difficult to deal with.
@dong1970 (1573)
• Philippines
27 Jan 09
you are right my friend,the history repeat itself.We should think positive on life.
@KUSHANK55 (2437)
• India
27 Jan 09
hi dear the need and the necessity brings the new inventions and innovations .like all other crisis this crisis will soon come to an end. the steps being taken by the responsible people all over the globe will soon pave the way for the right direction and we will be able to override the present financial crisis.l