Have you ever sleep walk?

January 27, 2009 2:26pm CST
me No. Only one time I woked up cause I heard somebody came to find me but when I went to open the door she was not there. Then, I went to the fridge and looked for the food which she was supposed to give it to me. But the food where not there. Then I went back to bed and the next morning I was not sure if I woke up.
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• Netherlands
28 Jan 09
My mom does this. She will sleep walk to her kitchen and eat a sandwich then walk over to her chair. She will wake in the morning in her chair and not know how she got there. It is not every night but it is at least once or twice a week. It is because of her sleep medication. Apparently it is a side effect.
@Fadolf (546)
• Slovenia
27 Jan 09
I have never sleepwalked but my brothers do that occasionally. One brother while sleepwalking thinks he is in a computer game (Unreal Tournament to be precise) and he is trying to find a shelter while other brother is sitting and talking like crazy but the other morning he doesn't remember. Sometimes it is funny but the "Unreal Tournament brother" sometimes scares the s**t out of me because he suddenly appears in my room without any noise. It is creepy sometimes, especially when it is 3AM and everything is silent and then you turn your head left and see someone standing at your doors... They are bunch of weirdos, but I can't do anything, they are my bros! :D