At a Crossroad.....................

United States
January 28, 2009 8:20pm CST
You know the saying love is never love until it is put through a test? Well my ex boyfriend and I have been through some tests and we broke up.we tried to move on and see other people. He just recently broke up with his girlfriend and now I think he wants to get back together. The reason I feel like this is because he is touching me the way he used to when we went out (rubbing my back, stroking my hair, and etc). Also after we broke up we talked but it was always tension between us. Today we talked and it was like we never broke up and were stronger than ever. In the midst of having a good conversation he called me "Baby". I brushed it off (not being rude) and continued the conversation. Knowing him for as long as i have i knew that he wanted to say something. Or something was on his mind and it was bothering him I'm not sure but i told his step brother that i still liked him and i think his step brother told him (His step brother and I grew up together). So i'm not really sure if i'm the "rebound" or should I just take it head on and tell him how I feel?
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@ktosea (2026)
• China
29 Jan 09
I think you are really at a crossroad right now as you even don't know if you want to get back together with your ex-boy friend again or not,apparently he wants to be with you again and still have some feelings on you,he will ask you to be his girlfriend sooner or later,what you should do is just telling him what you are thinking about,if you still love him,you guys could get back together but if you don't think it's a better idea,then tell him the truth and continue move on,there will be someone else for you
@n30wing (4768)
• Philippines
29 Jan 09
Hi brownbeauty I think it's how we can relate things. Maybe he misses you all this time, your intensity is different from the girl she just broke up with. Your still always on his mind, and value your relationship up to now. Some people goes to that experience, that you only know your true feeling after all, and it still hunt you down. You just don't know what happiness that your still around, that maybe for him it can go on loving you, and showing you that your important, and doesn't want to let you go anymore. Well in the positive way I am thinking. You set him free once, if it comes back it is yours and might stay forever. If it was meant to be it's you can answer it. Maybe he was just trying to take it slow now, and trying to win you back again in his arms. He learn that no one can be compared to you how you love him before. Have a nice day to you!
@rsa101 (16912)
• Quezon City, Philippines
29 Jan 09
Well i think it really depends on how comfortable are you with him. You said that you still like him and I guess you just needed to know it from him if the feeling is the same. I think he has to declare that to you and it is up to you if you are willing to take second chances. For as long as both of you are both free to be together. Meaning neither of you is free from loving each other.