Time before tying the knot

@bamakelly (5194)
United States
January 29, 2009 8:56am CST
Do you think that there are some people that don't give enough time to a relationship before getting married? Have you been one of them and how has it worked out for you?
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• Philippines
21 Aug 12
I think those people who get married just because the girl is pregnant. I don't think that kind of idea is necessarily. I think it would be better if you married the guy who you love and the guy who loves and respect you sincerely. Most of the time, and most of the couple I know who get married just because of pregnancy, experienced things like having a problem financially because they are not stable with their jobs. Aside from that some of them are still studying and it will be interrupted because they will give birth soon. The pain of the parents for the teens because parents always has a dream on us and it is already taken away because of that. Getting married is not a game for me, it is a serious thing that you have to think of not because of emotionally reason. For me, you have to think of your future, your future children, are you ready to support it? Practically saying, love can't make you alive. We need financial stability so that your family will grow up properly, not that I am saying like you really need to be rich, but somehow, you have to think about it.
@diillu (5128)
29 Jan 09
Yes, I have seen some people who get married for the shake of getting married and having family. But it has never been this way for me. Marriage is a big thing for me and I know I would really think very carefully before geeting married. I just want to do many things in my life like go world tour with my girlfriends, adventure and many more fun things. And once I get married I just want to think about my family and my husband.