Worms in my flax seed - ewwwwww!

January 29, 2009 10:08am CST
I opened a bag of dark flaxseed yesterday and it was full of web. At first I thought it was pieces of plastic and tried to remove it from the bag. Then I used a spoon to try and skim it out. It's at that point I noticed the web was getting thicker the further down I moved the spoon. Ewwww! Thinking it might be a spider, I quickly closed the bag and tied it back up. Shortly after being convinced (by mom) to take the bag out of the garbage, I noticed a little greenish worm inside the bag. I quickly called mom back and told her not to eat the flaxseed she bought at the same time. It's was in an open bin and the merchant scooped out the amount we requested so I was worried mom would be eating webs and worms without realizing it. She has poor vision and can't see "focused". Unsure of what to do, I kept the bag and waited for hubby to get home. Meanwhile, I received several calls from mom, worried that we were sold unfit product, and expressed a desire to return the product to get our money back. I was all in favour of that until I spoke to my husband and he said it's not likely I was the only one with worm and web in my flaxseed and that I should report them to the health unit. I agree but am still not sure what to do. Should I just call the merchant, get my money back and return the product - or should I call the health unit as was suggested by my husband (and the city 311 service) ? What would you do?