friends on my lot

United States
January 29, 2009 2:22pm CST
dose the number of friends you have on my lot effect your pay or is it just the people who sign up on the link you give them what elese affects how mutch you get payed
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@snowy22315 (49125)
• United States
29 Jan 09
I dont think your friends has anything whatever to do with your money on my lot. That simply has to do with how many discussions you start and answer. I like my lot but it is just answering the discussions just remember to do that and you will be able to answer discussions.
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• Malaysia
29 Jan 09
friend's list - respond to this discussion
friends on my lot
riah13224 (13)
Number of friend in our myLot friend's list doesn't effect our earnings. But they help a lot thru their posted new discussion and respond to our discussion. OK riah 13224, if you want to know more details about; 1. What can I do to increase my earnings? , & 2. How do I calculate my earnings? This is the link, kindly visit this page and read; If you mean for earnings from your referral earnings, YES, you got 25% from their accumulative earnings. Let say, they got $10 meaning, you got $2.50 given by myLot and that $2.50 is not deducted from their earnings.
• Romania
29 Jan 09
i have to agree with snowy :)