Getting to sleep at night

January 30, 2009 6:12am CST
When i was younger I used to have to listen to the radio to get to sleep - A talk station with someones voice droning on and on. Then when i got to my early 20`s I couldn`t sleep until the room was 100% silent and dark, I even had to tape over the digital display on my alarm clock. Over the past year I have found I can`t sleep unless I have BBC news on the TV, If I have sky news or any other TV station the advertisements wake me up. What strange ways of getting to sleep do you have, or am i just a freak?
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@josephb (219)
• Malta
30 Jan 09
Well once I wouldn't sleep without drinking tea , then I couldn't sleep if I won't get some water , then I wouldn't sleep if I won't have my tv on with a really really low volume then I couldn't sleep with the light on looool and now I can't sleep if I won't have a glass of water before I won't sleep if I won't switch on my tv with a really low volume and I won't sleep with my lights on
30 Jan 09
LMAO wow i thought my sleep ritual was strange lol You win lol :-)
@Tatsinda (60)
• United States
30 Jan 09
It actually drives me crazy to have a radio playing, or the TV on, when I'm trying to sleep. For some reason, I will continually focus on what is being said (or sung), instead of falling asleep. If someone is talking on a TV and momentarily stops, I'll start to drift off, only to be jarred out of it the second they start to speak again. My husband can't sleep unless a fan is on (usually full blast), on a night stand beside his head. This also drives me crazy, because I start to think I hear things through the "white noise" of the fan. I strain and try to hear through the sound, which just causes it to sound even more bizarre. I've learned to live with it after all these years, but it still bothers me. I also don't like any sort of wind blowing on my face while I sleep- the exact opposite of my husband. I don't know anyone that actually likes the feeling of air blasting into their face, much less while they sleep. Ultimately, I like to sleep in a pitch-black room that's silent, with an air-conditioner running to keep the room cool. I will sleep like a baby.
30 Jan 09
Thats me in summer, i have to have a fan blowing on me. But not in my face, that would bug me to hell. I have it blowing up and down my body. At the min i have to have a voice droning away in the background
@lokiblitz (169)
• Philippines
30 Jan 09
I also listen to A.M stations while lying on bed.Its really effective in putting me to sleep.But right now i dont do that anymore i think it doesnt work on me anymore.I usually surf the net before i go to sleep.
30 Jan 09
oh thats my big no no, if i surf the net before going to sleep i lose track of time and find myself not noticing that its almost time to get up.
@wolfie34 (26793)
• United Kingdom
30 Jan 09
You are certainly not a freak, there is nothing wrong in any way of helping you get to sleep if it works! Whatever works best for you. Nothing weird about how I get to sleep I sit and do suduko puzzles which tire out my brain and then I get sleepy and know that I can fall asleep, it also helps me to switch off worrying about things that have happened or what is going on the next day.
30 Jan 09
I wonder why it changes though, why did i need total silence, then later in life needed to hear someone talking? I cant do Suduko at all so I would prob end up getting very frustrated. lol