Which parent are you closer with?

United States
January 30, 2009 11:07pm CST
I just got through with a really long, great conversation with my dad, but I must say, that isn't the norm for us. I'm usually much closer and more candid with my mother, and I respect and love my father very much, but usually our relationship just isn't as close. As a girl, I understand that it might be more natural for me to have a closer emotional bond with my mother than with my father, but I'm curious, for both guys and girls out there - are you closer with your mother or your father? If you're closer with one moreso than the other, why do you think that is?
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@HansonFan (1659)
• United States
18 Feb 09
I'm closest to my mother, but not my biological one. My real mother was in prison for most of my life and I was raised by my aunt (her sister, not my dad's). We are very close but she recently moved all the way across the country and our relationship has become strained at best. We hardly talk anymore. However, my biological mother now lives with me and my grandparents. I feel more mature than she is because all she wants to do is watch game shows while I go to work without complaint. She whines constantly about anything and everything and it drives me crazy. She's like a 5 year old. I guess that at the moment, my closest parent is actually my grandmother. She has always been there for me no matter what the case was.
@shefair (90)
• United States
11 Feb 09
I;m much close with my mom. My dad is not very verbal. He works alot and is not much of a talker. He will mostly just mention stuff about work - plus we have nothing in common except for church and now we go to separate churches. I talk to my mom but not real openly - mostly just the day to day stuff. I am closest to whom I call my "second parent's". I lived with them 3 years and still stay at their house about 3 nights a week. My "second" father also bought my business for me to run. I am most open with them in fact I am more open with him then anyone I have ever known - his personality is one that is very open, personable and approachable so he makes talking to him very easy. Now that I am older and don't live there full time and run a business 6 days a week I don't get as much time as I used to with them or that I would like to so now they make an effort to make Tuesday night movie nights with me so we can make an effort to spend time together. I look forward to it and hate it when it has to be missed for some reason. Maybe you and your parents could start something like that - a movie night or a dinner night with just the 3 of ya'll. But to answer your question I am most close with my "second father" then any of the other 3 as we have the best and most open relationship and he makes it easy for me to talk with him about ANYTHING.
@Porcospino (19866)
• Denmark
5 Feb 09
I have always been closer to my mother than to my father. As a child I had a lot of arguments with my father. He has a temper and he used to get mad at me very easily. I was afraid of his anger, and that is probably on of the reasons why I wasn't very close to him. When my father was angry at me my mother usually tried to protect me, and it was my mother that I talked to if I had a problem with something. Now I am an adult and I am still closer to my mother than to my father. My realtionship to my father has improved, but it is still a lot harder for me to confide in him than in my mother.
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@ank_47 (1963)
• India
3 Feb 09
my mother is close for me and i will tell everything to her .she gives suggestions as a friend and make me in a good behaviour .she also shares all her sorrows and all her happenings, with me,even after my marraige also .
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• China
3 Feb 09
Definitely my mom. I can share everything with her, she is a good listener. Even now I'm not living with her, I call her almost everyday. I rarely have the opportunitity to stay with my dad because of his work. That may be the reason why we're not that close. Anyway, I love them all.
@mammamuh (582)
• Sweden
2 Feb 09
I am way closer to my father - or now when I'm grown uup - I think I'm just as close with my mother. Me and my father are so alike - I guess that's why.
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@okoyskabo (186)
• Philippines
1 Feb 09
in psychology, they have this Electra and Oedipus complexes. in electra complex, it is explained that the son is closer to the mother while in oedipus complex, the daughter is closer to the father. as with my case, i am much closer to my dad. my mom is 9 years younger than my dad and she treats me as a rival to my dad's attention.
• Malaysia
1 Feb 09
i'm much closer with my mom. i tell her stuff and we do almost everything together. i'm not that close with my dad, probably because more often than not he's being over-protective and doesn't support the things that i want to do. my mom is much more understanding.
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@loveyevi (513)
• United States
31 Jan 09
I'm not particularly close to either of them. However if I had some kind of problem and needed to get help from either of them I would choose my dad. Ever since I moved out of my moms house he has been the one helping me get my life together and become more independent. My mom has went off to do her own thing and I rarely ever see her anymore except when she goes out of town and wants me to watch her dog. It is probably because I lived with my mom for so long, we got sick of eachother and now want nothing to do with eachother. My dad though has always felt guilty about not being there so he is more helpful and I feel like he wants me to succeed more than my mom.