your most embarrassing moment is when and where?

January 31, 2009 8:18am CST
your embarrassing moment is when and where?
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@zhuhuifen46 (3486)
• China
31 Jan 09
I do not remember any really embarrassing moment in real life. I did have some of them in dreams though, and several times repeated. In the dreams, I forgot the time for my classes. Or I forgot to bring textbooks with me, or did not prepare well enough at classes. Their implication is clear: I was over-stressed about my job.
@donsky14 (5963)
• Philippines
31 Jan 09
My most embarrassing moment was last summer of 2006. I was walking out of school with my crush -who became my boyfriend that time-, we were walking down the stairs exchanging phone numbers. I was saving his number on my cell and I wasn't looking where I was I missed the final step of the stairs and landed on my knee. But he was really nice, he didn't laugh and he assisted me until we reached the gate of our school.
@sunita64 (6473)
• India
31 Jan 09
One of the scientist in organisation was asking about windows,as I had not heard the complete conversation so I replied yes there is a window in the upper room. Later it turned out that he was talking of windows in computer not room. That was really embarassing.