Lemmings R Us....

Omagh, Northern Ireland
January 31, 2009 5:11pm CST
UK VAT at 15% v an Irish Republic rate of 21.5%,tied to a strong Euro against the GBP Has meant more Shoppers from the Republic coming North recently..I had to do some shopping in Enniskillen this evening,which is a NI Shopping town close to the Border with Counties Cavan and Donegal in the Republic..There's a Car rally Event in the region this weekend,(which I'd managed to forget about before leaving the house!) on what is a 10 mile,15 minute journey in usual conditions..I left the house a little after 5pm,and made it through stop/start traffic over the last 2.5 miles to get to the place I was going 10 minutes before it closed at 6! Listening to local radio traffic reports and sports on the way,I discovered the Rally Event was actually 40 miles away near Sligo today,so the gridlock was simply down to those swarming the Shopping centre and Retail parks! The shops I was going to are open 24 hours,so getting there in time wasn't a problem,but getting to the car park was near impossible..I used onstreet parking instead and walked the few hundred metres to the Store,as I only needed a few specific items..My (Longwinded!) explanation of my trip apart..now to my question..How far are YOU prepared to travel on a Shopping expedition and how long would you sit in traffic once you get there?! Any examples? Thanks for responses!
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