quality or quantity?

@hotsummer (10449)
February 1, 2009 6:34am CST
how do you choose the items that you will buy. would you buy those cheaper things so that can buy in dozens. or would you prefer to buy those expensive ones though you can only afford a piece of because it is too expensive to buy more than one piece. actually i prefer to buy those that are cheaper as long as it is still be useful. but those that are better in quality it is still not worth it cause it is not easy to earn money to buy those expensive ones though i will admit that they are more satisfying to use.
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@ladym33 (11008)
• United States
10 May 09
A lot of the time I find that the more expensive items are not that much better than the less expensive ones. I don't see why I should pay more money for something usually when ever I spend a lot of money the item breaks down, and then I get really angry because I spent so much money.
@lovesummer (1162)
• Malaysia
1 Feb 09
depends on what is the thing that i want to buy. if i have to use it very often then i would prefer cheaper but more if it is something that i use rarely or do not need more than one then i would buy a more expensive one that could last longer...usually the more expensive one last longer so it is worth it..
@Jouhar (409)
• India
1 Feb 09
When i buy a stuff i'm only looking its quality and price. Both are to be compared