Dear paypal costumer

@cambiste (1245)
February 1, 2009 9:24am CST
I just received yet another of those phishing paypal emails, this time with terrible spelling and grammatical mistakes. They are so frequent these days. Do people really fall for these kinds of mails? Is there any way to stop being scammed by these mails?
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• United States
2 Feb 09
I get these emails all the time to.I just send them to the junk folder.I have heard many people have fallen for these,I guess if you did not use paypal that much I guess that email could really throw you threw loop.
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@cambiste (1245)
• India
3 Feb 09
Thanks for your reply. Seems like many do fall for them afterall. When one is unfamiliar with the security or have experienced with it a obviously fake email, we'll not know there are other people capable of sending mails in the name of paypal. Knowledge is the most important factor here. I almost fell for an LR phishing site once too. It looked very real, and one couldnt tell the difference truly! Thanks again.
@GAUCI123 (1042)
• Malta
13 Feb 09
Recently I received that I made payment with pay pal to a certain person, which is not true and there was a link to check it. I deleted immediately since I think it was a scam or some kind of fraud.
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13 Feb 09
I used to work in a bank call centre, and I used to get at least one phone call a day from a customer saying they'd received an email from us. I always used to immediately tell them that it was a con and they shouldn't answer it. They often used to ask how the scammers knew they had a bank account with us, and I told them that these things just get sent out at random (probably thousands of emails going out) in the hope that one or two people would answer and give their details. No bank would ever ask any of their customers to confirm their account details by email - it's just not secure enough. No doubt the same goes for PayPal, so if you get an email like that, you know straight away that it's a hoax, no matter how convincing it looks.