Do you think sticking to friends with attractive photos is discriminatory ?

@Bluepatch (2480)
Trinidad And Tobago
February 1, 2009 9:58am CST
I like to think of my friends as attractive people that I like. Do you think that with the ease of the delete or request facility its discrimatory to just stick to the attractive image ?
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@Tianna2 (1274)
• United States
1 Feb 09
If you are referring to peoples avatars, I don't think anyone is disciminating at all, after all, that is what we are using to represent ourselves on here. If someone has an avatar that looks evil, then thats how they want others to see them and if I choose not to associate with such a person, then I shouldnt feel obligated to do so just out of concern of discriminating against said person. My friends are people that I like to have on my list, not people that I feel obligated to have on my list. Tianna
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• Canada
12 Feb 09
I have friends who do that, and I think its rather dumb. A person's true beauty is in their character, NOT their looks. Looks dwindle and change with age, but a person's true inner beauty remains the same forever. Myself, I have friends who are both very attractive as well as some who would be considered as "ugly" by most people. I don't discriminate by someone's picture when they request to add me as a friend or try to talk to me online.