I miss my grandma...

United States
February 1, 2009 6:39pm CST
My grandma, what can I say.... She taught me so much. I have to plan a trip to go see her, she's only three hours away. For those of you out there who still have any of your grandparents, make an extra effort.. if you don't go to see them often, and they are near by, go see them immediately. If you see them here and there, add another visit in between. Your parents too! If you've still got them around, enjoy every minute with them, it'll benefit you too. You've got a relative far, keep constant contact, email, whatever, make sure they know you are there. Pray for all of them, for their hearts to be opened and filled with your presence. Let's not be lonely anymore, specially due to circumstance.. let's change the circumstances! Live everyday meaningfully. Don't wait until "things" get better, make things better. They are just things, and you are above all these. Fully of possibilities, you just have to choose. Wake up everyday and place intent back into your "routine". First thing you do is put intention and meaning. Well, I just needed to get that out there. I like mylot, it's something new in my life and I'm really enjoying it. Thank you for reading...
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• Canada
2 Feb 09
Lovely sentiments in your post, Nashka... and very good advice. I have no grandparents now. My dad passed away 5 days after my 26th birthday and my mom when I was 40. I never expected to be without both parents so soon. I miss them very much but value the influence they had on my life. If people have good, strong family relationships, I hope they make the most of them. Life's too short not to :)