Contentment in Life......

@HelScream (2828)
February 3, 2009 5:26am CST
When we say contentment it means being contented of what you have and happy about it but it doesn't mean you stop dreaming for a better life.Some feels bad of their present condition well I cant blame them but there are some who always look at life positively. How about you?
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@Pose123 (21667)
• Canada
3 Feb 09
Hi HelScream, Thank you for this discussion and for sharing you thoughts. I see that we are in complete agreement on this, attitude makes all the difference. It is good to be happy and contented because that is the only way we can enjoy life now. At the same time we can always be working towards something better. To always think positively and at the same time be grateful is the key to contentment. Blessings.
@HelScream (2828)
• Philippines
14 Apr 09
thanks pose and its always nice hearing from you my friend...